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A Rare Opportunity On The Fox Lot

Producers looking for studio space tend to overlook Fox Studios simply because the space is rarely available.  However, from December until June, four studios representing over 50,000 square feet of studio space is available for reservation.

"This is a very rare occurrence," said Hal Haenal, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Fox Studios Operations.  "There were two half-hour shows using the space that were shooting half seasons.  Because these shows won’t air until spring, they haven’t received a back season notice yet, so they currently do not require the space."

Fox Studios is one of the few remaining "full service" backlot studios where virtually all your production rentals and hires are available on the lot.  Included in the backlot services are: drapery and upholstery rental, set lighting rental, grip and canvas rental, costume rental, staff/vacuumform services, paint services, signs and graphics services, transportation services, studio supply and molding services, and on-set catering.  While carpenters are not available to hire, all the equipment that would be needed is available in the set construction warehouse.

"All the construction material is cost competitive," said Haenal.  "Ninety-five percent of the material we sell to ourselves at market cost.  This is a great benefit while you’re working on a production.  If you find you need something, you don’t have to go to Home Depot and loose two hours just in gathering the material.  It’s all right here."  

In addition to on-set catering, individuals using the studio space are able to visit the four eating establishments on the Fox lot.  They range from the Fox commissary to a high-end restaurant originally built on the lot in 1928.  

Fox has made a commitment to greening the environment, and this commitment is extended to those who reserve studio space on the lot.  The production offices and dressing rooms on the Fox lot are LEED certified.  The craft shop makes use of a 160,000 solar ray panel.  Every department is encouraged to recycle.  Any recycling collected within the studio spaces will be collected and managed by Fox.

"It’s a trickle down effect," said Haenal.  "Every staffer gets involved with the green initiatives.  In fact, Fox was listed by U.S. Energy Information Administration council member Steven Choi as one of the twenty-four recipients who will receive matching funding by the government to further our green initiatives and aid in energy savings."

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