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Complete List Of 2017 California On Location Award Winners

A montage of diverse California locations accompanied by original cello music kicked off the 2017 COLA Awards. Photo credit: M Galas

By: Marjorie Galas

Holiday lights twinkled in the foyer of the Beverly Hilton as guest arrived en-mass to celebrate the very best of California at the annual COLAs – or California On Location Awards – December 17, 2017.  Presented by FLICS (Film Liaisons in California Statewide), the COLAs recognize those location managers, scouts, teams and public officials working in film, television, commercials and print in the state of California.  Each year, the attendance of this show grows, filling event sponsor The Beverly Hilton’s grand ballroom to capacity.

Hosted by actors Patrick Fabian and Bailey Chase, the event was lively and upbeat, dotted with clips highlighting many of the industry’s finest location managers describing their job responsibilities as well as musical interludes by an exceptional cellist who goes by “The Cellist Guy.”   Referencing a recent Microsoft commercial that highlights the benefits the product brings to the craft, Fabian riffed on the celebratory scouts.

“Stay away from my agent,” joked Fabian.

While all the nominees and winners were received with warm and heartfelt applause and praise, three winners were wildly escalated by the crowd.   After receiving her award for Location Manager, Studio Feature Film, Alison Taylor praised the film’s director Ava DuVernay, for providing an abundance of roles in front of and behind the camera for women.  Brian O’Neill, Location Manager and speaker for his team after winning the Location Team – Television One Hour award, praised his crew for working in some of the most difficult areas of Los Angeles to get permissions. “We received praise from the community, who embraced us,” said O’Neill.  And, after expressing his thanks for the recognition for his work as Public Employee – State, California State Fire Marshal Ramiro Rodriquez left the crowd with these extremely timely words:

“Please remember all those affected by our recent wildfires, and keep a prayer in your heart for them.”

Below are the winners of the 2017 COLAs:

Location Manager – Studio Feature Film

Alison Taylor, “A Wrinkle in Time”

Location Manager – Television Half Hour

Kyle Alexander, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Location Manager – Television One Hour

Brian O’Neill, “Snowfall”

Location Manager – Feature Film, Indie

Michael Burnmeister, “Suburbicon”

Location Manager – Commercial

Wilson Wu, “Visit California Tourism”

Location Manager – Music Video

Mark Zekanis, The Weekend’s “False Alarm”

Location Manager – Reality Television

Alexandra Gibson, “The Voice”

Location Manager – Stills

Timothy White, Casio Watch Company

Assistant Location Manager – Television

J.P. O’Connor, “Sharp Objects”

Assistant Location Manager – Feature Film

David Park, “Bright”

Location Team – Feature Film, Studio

“Bright”:  Michael Haro, Becky Brake, Earl West, Nancy Bruno, Rich Wichel, Ben McCrea, J.P. O’Connor, David Park, Daniel Alverez, Chris Beal, Anthony Carillo, Mario Rene Hernandez, Philip Oglesby, Peter Martorano, Dale Dreher, George Alvarezzo, William Jorgenson

Location Team – Television Half Hour

“VEEP” – Season 6: Caleb Duffy, Clay Valenti, Taylor Erickson, Jennifer Kennedy, John Jamieson

Location Team – Feature Film, Independent

“Sandy Wexler”: Rob Frank, Gregory Alpert, Peter Costelli, Jeff Hunter, Harry Middelton, Eric Mills, Jason Stowell, Bryan Shaw, Jason Neudecker, Tom Lackey, Shelly Armstrong

Location Team – Commercials

Jeep Compass – “Recalculating”: John Rizzi, Errol Reichow, Carrie L.A., Barbara Miller, Stuart Barter, Pat Riley, Thomas Holaday, Brian Deming

Location Team – Television One Hour

“Snowfall”: Brian O’Neill, Justin Hill, Dylan Kirkland, Tisha Jefferson, David Marjolejo, Caitlyn McCarty, Eric Mills, Alex Moreno, Jason Sallee, Eddie Santillan, Josh Vegnery, Will O’Brien, Tommy Woodard

Public Employee – Federal

Develyn Watson – Deputy Director Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office

Public Employee – State

Ramiro Rodriguez – California State Fire Marshal

Public Employee – County

Sheriff Lieutenant James C. Byers – El Dorado County

Public Employee – City

Janice Lopez – City of Palm Springs