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Digital Vision: Products For The Independent

Digital Vision is known industry-wide as a color correction tools front runners. As technology changes, so has Digital Vision’s product line.  They recently announced the addition of high end hardware and software into established platforms at affordable price points that will allow a small independent production facility to provide high end services and stay viable in a competitive marketplace.

“Clients are at a point where they have to increase their market share by providing additional services to stay competitive,” said Bruno Munger, Senior Product Manager.  “Clients can now bring one some new tools at a lesser price and broaden their services for clients who do not want to do a lot of shopping around for multiple services.”

The Precision panel is a piece of hardware created by Digital Vision that has a control surface, meaning, multiple actions can be manipulated simultaneously.  As opposed to the three track balls found in Digital Vision’s Legacy series that allow for controlling the white and black balances and skin tones, the Precision panel has a fourth track ball that allows for isolating a particular area in the skin that can be enhanced or modified.

An example of the benefit of this tool regards working on faces.  If the desired effect is to smooth out wrinkles, a color correction tool alone would not be able to create the desired effect.  A lasso tool allows the area of the wrinkles to be highlighted so they may be smoothed out, then the color correction is applied for a complete diminishing of the area.

In addition to tracking feature, the Precision panel has a tactile control surface that can easily be manipulated by a finger as opposed to a mouse.  A stylus can also be used for extreme detail.  Additionally, the surface can be modified and utilized by either a right or left handed person.

“The look of it is very modern, and the technology is evolving,” said Munger.  “Having these items in the facility helps our customer sell to their customer because it appears they appear to be a very expensive, 21st century tool.”

Digital Vision also announced the addition of Fuse and Compose to the Nucoda platform.  Where the Nucoda Film Master software is used by companies including Pixar for color grading and mastering on films such as “Toy Story 3,” Fuse provides a mid-range system for DI grading and the dailies market, where Compose is more of an entry level solution for grading, finishing and mastering workflow for commercials, film and television, and post production.

Both Fuse and Compose are also equipped with a 3D toolset.  The 3D color grading becomes crucial when correcting lens layer, reflections, ghost busting, and excessive contrast between right and left eye.  In response to studies that indicate the eyes become incredibly fatigued after reviewing 3D footage for over six hours, the Nucoda products have been developed with a minimal of manual controls to make the correction processes as automatic and efficient as possible.

“As a company provides new market avenues such as titling and 3D post production, everyone is getting very competitive,” said Munger.  “You don’t want your customer to go somewhere else for color grading.  The Nucoda products increase your services, and increase your footing.”

Digital Vision also announced a mid range and entry level tool added to their Phoenix platform; a platform that focuses on restoration and repair to film and video media.   The Phoenix Finish is the platform’s latest end-to-end restoration, re-mastering and delivery system for high end film and tape based material.  The Phoenix Refix is the mid-range restoration processing tool that repairs damages defects to film and video media.  The Phoenix Touch is the entry level tool focusing on cleaning VFX plates and DI scans.

“Whether shooting film or digitally, dirt is introduced at the development stage,” said Munger.  “Every new technology introduces boundaries and limitations.  Each different pass of your film or digital media will introduce certain artifacts that you need to deal with.   The Phoenix provides low cost Paint tools that allow one to remove dirt manually.”

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