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May A Big Month For 411 Publishing Apps

411 Publishing

As May shuttled in spring and the prospect of warmer months ahead, 411 Publishing gave promise to the production app world , first by introducing an update to the LA 411 iPhone app, then launching the New York 411 iPhone app.


A major advancement found on the LA 411 app update is the ability to conduct GPS location searches.  This feature allows the user to find and organize listings by the distance from the point of origin of their search.  The app provides the mileage for each listing, as well as driving directions from the user’s current location to the desired listing utilizing the Google Maps iPhone interface.


Also found on the app update are downloadable stage chart PDFs.  This function allows users to access the complete library of stage charts previously only available in print or online.  LA 411 app users will also be able to access 411 Publishing’s monthly video series, Production Tech Tips, through the app.  The users will be able to click directly to the five minute videos, utilizing the full capacity of the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch’s screen.


While many of the new features were agreed upon by the 411 Publishing staff as beneficial updates, the comments submitted to 411 Publishing through emails, phone calls and in the App Store also had an impact on the update.  As a direct response to the request from users to take advantage of incorporating listing’s contact information into their iPhone databases, the “Add to iPhone Contacts” button was developed. 


“We’re making every effort to listen to the production community and update our app accordingly,” said Sean Killebrew, Publisher, 411 Publishing.


Shortly after the update to the LA 411 iPhone app was made available on the iTunes store, the New York 411 iPhone app was launched.  This is a dedicated app that provides all the qualified production resources and listings found in the printed and online New York 411 directories.  The New York 411 app also includes the GPS mapping functionalities, the downloadable stage chart PDFs, the “Add to iPhone Contacts” button, the ability to view the Production Tech Tip series, and all other features users have come to rely upon on the LA 411 app.


With apps launched for both LA 411 and New York 411, the 411 Publishing team is focusing their sights on creating an app for the Droid as well as apps for other popular mobile devices. 


To download the LA 411 iPhone app, please visit:


To download the New York 411 iPhone app, please visit: