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Musicians On Film: Jimmy Page And Jack White

“I just couldn’t believe it when I got it home and there it was in the house.  Fantastic.  This was the one. This was the one that I was after.” 


This is what Jack White said about his first guitar in the documentary “It Might Get Loud.”  Profiling the life experiences that contributed to the unique playing styles of Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White, the movie outlines the love affair between these musicians and their instruments.


 In a recent press conference, Page and White elaborated on the process of breaking in “the one;” that special guitar that marries their talent and technique.


“I think starting out on whatever you can afford is the best thing you can do,” said White.  “Starting with a top of the line guitar won’t facilitate anything.  It has to be a little bit of a struggle.  Someone starting out will find their own relationship with it.” 


“I sort of agree,” said Page.  “You have to develop the passion to want to play the instrument; that is really the intention.  Someone needs to steer you a bit when you’re finding an instrument because it’s really hard to find something that’s user friendly but still a struggle.”     


Page and White feel that today’s emerging guitar players have more to contend with than breaking in a guitar and developing a personal style. 


“You know, it’s people being famous for being famous in this decade,” said White.  “There’s so much media for a young kid now to battle against to try to get to something soulful.  Take in this film; it’s letting people dig deeper beyond the personality.  The thing with the personality is, what does it really matter?”


“I think music will always be a life changing experience,” said Page.  “It just depends on to what degree it affects them.  People will always relate to that point when they heard it, and when they experienced it.  That’s whether you were playing it, or whether you accept it as an audience member.”


When asked if the experience of performing together in a session for the movie will result Page, White or The Edge appearing on each other’s solo albums, the conversation turned less serious.


“I think Jimmy needs to practice a little more,” said White.
“Well, there, you’ve gone and said it!” said Page.
“I’m feeling uncomfortable,” said Loud director Davis Guggenheim.