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NAB 2015 : Filmotechnic USA Debuts New Russian Arm 6

Variety 411 listee Filmotechnic USA had an exciting piece of equipment featured at this year’s NAB Show.  The company showcased the new Russian Camera Arm 6 – the latest addition to its stable of camera car system offerings.

“The Russian Arm 6 (aka AUTOROBOT Camera Crane 6) is the latest addition to our Academy Award winning fleet of stabilized camera crane systems,” said John Urso, Filmotechnic USA Manager. “It’s a high end, versatile filmmaking technology that allows our clients unprecedented performance in speed, image stabilization, flexibility and control. This new technology is based on feedback on film sets worldwide from our customers, partners and camera technicians. The new Arm fits on all our camera cars, currently the Ford Raptor, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes ML63 AMG, the Hummer H1 and the Ferrari 360. Having the best heads, cranes and cars on the planet for filmmakers is our never-ending mantra here at Filmotechnic.”
The “Six” is a gyro-stabilized camera crane system capable of mounting on a roof of a camera car or any other specialized vehicles. It enables 360 degrees of camera movement while tilting up and down. The Russian Arm 6 was engineered and developed to allow filmmakers to shoot from just about any angle with complete stability and accuracy. Remotely operated and fully controllable, the Arm is capable of the most amazing on-the-fly tracking shots, allowing filmmakers to capture sequences as dynamic as their imagination. The Arm features:

• presets for various camera package payloads.
• individual presets for camera arm operators
• programmable limits
• variety of arm length extensions
• linear vibration isolator capable of absorbing vibration
• high torque and speed.
• smooth and precise camera movement and response.
• quiet arm movements

The Russian Arm 6 was five years in development. The result is important improvements in size, weight, speed and length. Not more than 48 hours after clearing customs, the Russian Arm 6 was put into service on a multi-day shoot for Infiniti directed by Tim Damon. Damon said one shot in particular needed a tool as versatile as the Russian Arm 6.


“We wanted to do a shot that stretched a bird’s eye view of the hero Infiniti to include other cars, keeping away from everything while still looking straight down,” says Damon. “It worked out great, we wouldn’t have been able to pull off the desired shot without the Six.”
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