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NY 411 iPhone App – Coming Soon!

411 Publishing

In September 2010, 411 Publishing launched the LA 411 iPhone app.  The free, dedicated app was optimized to use the multi-touch technology of the Apple iPhone, iPad and iTouch devises.  The app is a high speed, graphical representation of the 10 sections that appear in the LA 411 printed and online directories, providing all the great, qualified production listings users of LA 411 have come to depend on.

Within its first two weeks, the app was downloaded 538 times and was an immediate success amongst its new user base.  Comments such as "Must have – the best production resource app…," and "Wow! Very easy to use and uber convenient!" aided in securing a four and a half star rating for the LA 411 app in the iTunes App Store.

As the app continued to be downloaded and used, demand grew for a NY 411 iPhone App.  On January 10th, 411 Publishing announced the development of a NY 411 app, with a launch to come early in 2011.

"Over the last year, production professionals in and around New York have been asking for a dedicated NY app," said Sean Killebrew, Publisher of 411 Publishing.  "We’re about to answer their call."

The app will provide all the qualified listing directory information found in the NY 411 printed and online directories.  Additionally, users of the app will be able to dial listings directly, save listings to favorites, and employ the GPS mapping capabilities to locate and obtain driving directions to listings.  The app will also provide immediate connectivity to the New York 411 Facebook and Twitter pages, and will provide a direct link to the monthly 411 Publishing eNewsletter.

As with the LA 411 iPhone app, the NY 411 iPhone app will be a free and dedicated app.  411 Publishing will announce the availability of the app on the NY 411 website as well as through eblasts to the eNewsletter database.

If you would like additional information about the NY 411 iPhone app, please contact Marjorie Galas at: