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Stanislav Solovkin

Executive producer
Executive producer

Soar Productions is a television and film production company, based in Moscow, Russia. We provide full range of services for international TV and film crews, who plan filming in RussiaUkraineArmeniaGeorgiaKazakhstanUzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

We are also a television commercial productions company, working with the most experienced TVC directors and producers.

Soar Productions is the only production house that operates in every former Soviet country. We deal with authorities, logistics and permits. We provide visa support. We take care of your transport and accommodation. We rent equipment and hire experienced crew should you need it. Our job is to make your film, TV or video production smooth and unforgettable.

Founded and managed by Stanislav Solovkin, Soar Productions has been producing across the former USSR since 2005. Our local production credits include The Amazing Race, Conan, Top Gear, Survivor and Chelsea.

We have partnered with major TV networks, such as CBS, BBC, Netflix, ABC, Travel Channel, History Channel, Copa90 and Discovery.

Soar Productions’ commercials division, headed by Leonid Zalessky, successfully works with such brands as LG, Hyundai, Nokia, Panasonic and Sony. After the crash of the ruble in 2015, filming commercials in Russia and in former Soviet Union countries has become incredibly cost-effective.

Soar Productions is a team that unites experienced producers, fixers, facilitators, directors, cameramen and other TV and film professionals. Our network covers Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and extends as far as to Cambodia.

We work efficiently regardless the region. In Moscow and Kiev, St. Petersburg and Tbilisi, Siberia and Central Asia, you will get top-notch production services.

Filming your movie, TV show or commercial in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and other post-Soviet nations could be a pain or an adventure. It depends on the partner you choose. Soar Productions is your reliable fixer in Russia, its neighbors is beyond.

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