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Spotlight On Webinar Partner: Entertainment Partners

Entertainment Partners, established in the production industry as the leader in tax services with over thirty years of experience, has much more to offer than some may realize.  EP can assist with all aspects of production, from casting through its Central Casting arm, to production management through Movie Magic, through payroll services and labor relations.  EP’s dedication and commitment to service stems from its very foundation – each employee is an owner of the company itself.


“Employee ownership of Entertainment Partners acts as a differentiator,” said Ron Cogan, President, Marketing, Entertainment Partners.  “Everyone is invested in supporting the strength of the team.  The attention of the ownership fuses a culture, regardless of which department you are dealing with.”


Central Casting is the largest casting database on the web.  Central Casting began in 1925, and its database of actors has been continually growing ever since.  Entertainment Partners acquired Central Casting in the early 90s.   It allows a casting director to find any type of actor’s characteristics in any location around the world.  Within moments of entering the character’s requirements, 30-40 casting choices appear immediately.


Movie Magic is software that is available from the Entertainment Partners website.  Recently upgraded, there are two software packages available: Movie Magic Budgeting (Version 7) and Movie Magic Scheduling (Version 5.)  Both products allow for proper and effective management of any production’s two main assets:  time and money.


The Entertainment Partners team based in the Los Angeles office is constantly staying on top of changes, announcements, and advancements in every aspect that will affect a production’s finances through the aid of field agents and researchers.  They also receive daily updated information from close relationships with lawyers, film commissioners, production service professionals, unions and EP affiliate offices located throughout the country.   EP also has international branches in countries such as Canada, Japan and the UK.


“Our relationships are mutual, we mutually rely on each other,” said Cogan.  “We’ve worked with unions to help establish production councils, labor relation councils.  In addition to providing tax expertise, we are also labor relations experts.”


When working with Entertainment Partners, you are not confined to an eight hour work day schedule.  There are individuals working around the clock to assist a producer when questions arise.


“We have product support lines, after hour pages, employees who work a night shift; there is always someone that can help,” said Cogan.  “If a question is asked, an answer will get back to you in a timely manner.”


Recently, Entertainment Partners announced it is also offering a wide range of administrative services in dealing with complex document filing.  For example, if a Florida based production company is shooting in Los Angeles, EP can either assist or complete the full range of incentives paperwork.  They can handle all the reports, act as intermediary between the government offices and the production, and ensure the production company fully maximizes the benefits available to them.


“The highest point of value from Entertainment Partners is that you have a partner on your production.  All extra services are provided:  labor relation experts, tax expertise, production and administrative assistance,” said Cogan.

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