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The 24th Annual Genesis Awards

M. Galas


The Genesis Awards experienced their largest crowd and show of press since its conception 23 years ago.  The event, which recognizes the news and entertainment media for raising awareness of animal protection issues, is presented by the Human Society of the United States.  Some speculated that movies such the Oscar-winning documentary “The Cove” that highlighted the dolphin slaughter off the coast of Japan and TV shows such as “Whale Wars” and “The Deadliest Catch” that highlight the perils facing the delicate balance of aquatic life, have resulted in a greater public concern over animal rights.  Others felt that the appearance of personalities such as Pierce Brosnan, Kristen Bell, Antonio Banderas, and Ginnifer Goodwin attracted a lively crowd.


411 Publishing attended the event for the second year, interviewing the attendees as they arrived.  To view these video interviews, please click on the link below:!


The winners of the 24th Genesis Awards are:


Outstanding Feature Film: (tie) “Hotel for Dogs” and “Up”


Outstanding Documentary Film: “The Cove”


Outstanding Dramatic Series: “Bones/The tough Man in the Tender Chicken”


Outstanding TV Newsmagazine:  HLN/Multiple segments


Outstanding News Feature: KCBS/KCAL TV News at 11 (Los Angeles “Animal Shelter Abuse,” “Faux Fur Investigation”


Outstanding News Series: KLAS-TV 8 (Las Vegas) “I-Team: Shark Fin Soup”


Outstanding Morning News Show: “Today” for multiple segments by Jill Rappaport


Outstanding Talk Show: “The Ellen Degeneres Show” 


Outstanding TV Documentary: “Death on a Factory Farm”


Outstanding Reality Series: “Whale Wars/The Stuff of Nightmares”


Outstanding TV Film: “A Dog Named Christmas”


Brigitte Bardot International Award: Animal Planet Europe – “Bear Sanctuary”


Lifetime Achievement Awards: Tippi Hedren