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France Tax Incentives Table

France offers a very special production incentive program for international productions. Known as TRIP – or Tax Rebate for International Production – the program support non-French projects that are completed or partly made in France. If you are currently planning your next production, consider the attractive locations France has to offer, or the skilled post production crew to make the most of this incentive. Let the Variety 411 production incentive module help answer all your questions about the France production incentive structure!

Tax Rebate Incentive Type
(Feature Films, TV series, TV single work, Web project, Shorts, Virtual reality, New Technologies)
Tax Credit Incentive Type
(Feature Films)
Tax Credit Incentive Type
(TV series, TV single work)
Incentive Type
Transferable Tax Credit
Multiple Incentive
Tax Rebate
Cash Grant
Tax Credit
Refundable Tax Credit
Production incentive
Refundable corporate income tax credit
Transferable and non transferable tax credit
Development Incentive
Performance Incentive
Payroll Credit
Production Credit
Cash Rebate
Tax Grant
No Incentive Program

Incentive I

Feature Films, TV series, TV single work, Web project, Shorts, Virtual reality, New Technologies
Foreign Productions, Special Effects
250000 EUR
only for live action projects coming to shoot

Incentive II

Feature Films
National Productions, Coproductions, Special Effects

Incentive III

TV series, TV single work
National Productions, Coproductions